God Liu Bei 2
Liu Bei 刘备
Zhao Lie Emperor 昭烈皇帝

Save the World 济世
At the beginning of his turn, Liu Bei can discard one hand card to remove all pending judgment cards and restore all generals to default orientation.

Peach Garden 桃园
During his turn Liu Bei can use two diamonds or two hearts and chose two people. All three players recover one.  

Fierce Soul 枭魂
When Liu Bei dies, he is returned to default status, discards everything, becomes Xiao Hun with three cards and three blood.  
  • "Save the World" happens before Liu Bei's own judgment phase, so he can remove the cards before they affect him.  
  • Liu Bei must chose two other people for "Peach Garden".  These people do not need to be damaged however.
Alternate Appearances:
God Liu Bei 5