God Jia Xu
Jia Xu 贾诩

Wonder 奇谋
Once per turn, Jia Xu can use any spade hand card as any black immediate tool card.

Careful 审时
During his discard phase, Jia Xu can choose to skip his next turn.  If he does this, Jia Xu cannot be damaged until after his next turn.

Seize 夺势
Every second time Jia Xu uses "Careful", he chooses another player to do a judgment.  If it is not a heart, they are flipped.  
  • Jia Xu can use any tool card that is black.  These include Barbarians, Steal, Break, Coerce, Negate, Duel, and Chains.  He cannot substitute for any tools that are strictly red, such as Draw Two, Harvest, Hail of Arrows, or Blaze.  
  • When Jia Xu willfully skips his next turn, he becomes immune only until after he would have had that turn.  Then he is back to normal.
  • Jia Xu is forced to choose another player when he does "Careful" ever second time.