God Huang Yue Ying
Huang Yue Ying 黄月英
Talented Woman of Red Cliff 赤壁的才女

Reaching for Stars 摘星
Once per round, Huang Yue Ying can keep all of one male's discarded cards.  She then skips her next drawing phase.

Denounce 谴星
Huang Yue Ying can put any number of her discarded cards in any order on top of the deck.

Blessed 天佑
Huang Yue Ying is immune to lightning damage.
  • Huang Yue Ying immediately keeps the cards that the male threw out.  she can even do this if she has Starvation played on her.
  • Huang Yue Ying can only take cards from one male.  She does not get all the cards every male threw out.
  • Huang Yue Ying is only immune to the lightning damage.  All other effects still occur.