God Hua Tuo
Hua Tuo 华佗
God of Medicine Reborn 医神降临

Redemption 救赎
Whenever any player dies, Hua Tuo immediately dies.  Otherwise Hua Tuo cannot be killed.

Rejuvenate 回春
During his turn, Hua Tuo can discard X to let anyone recover X blood.

Revival 还魂
If Hua Tuo is face up, he can save anyone on the brink of death by flipping his card.  The person he saved returns to half their maximum health rounded down.
  • Hua Tuo has zero health, so he cannot hold on to any cards after his turn.
  • If he is chosen as the king, Hua Tuo will have 1 blood.  When he loses it nothing will happen though.
  • If Hua Tuo is already face down, he cannot save anyone.
Alternate Appearances:
God Hua Tuo 5