God Guo Jia 2
Guo Jia 郭嘉
Early Death of the Oracle 早逝之计神

Faithful Army 忠军
Once per turn, Guo Jia can give one hand card to any other player.  Whenever Guo Jia or the target receive damage, Guo Jia does a judgment.  If it is red, Guo Jia draws two.  If it is black, the other player draws two.  This effect lasts until Guo Jia's next turn.  

Given Scheme 献谋
In his drawing phase, Guo Jia can do a judgment.  If it is red, he can give any of these cards to any player.
  • "Faithful Army" is on a per instance basis.  Only one judgment is made no matter how much damage is done.  If the target and Guo Jia both receive damage through Chains, then there is two judgments since the damage is received at different times.  
  • Both cards from "Given Scheme" do not have to go to the same player.  They can be separated   Guo Jia can keep them for himself as well.