God Guan Yu
Guan Yu 关羽
Return of the God's Spirit 鬼神再临

War God 武神
Every heart card in Guan Yu's hand is an attack. Whenever Guan Yu uses one of these attacks, there are no range restrictions.

Fighting Soul 武魂
For every unit of damage Guan Yu takes, the source gets a Nightmare Token.  When Guan Yu dies, the player that has the most Nightmare Tokens must flip a judgment card.  If it is not a peach or peach garden, the target immediately dies.
  • Note that "War God" is enforced. All of Guan Yu's heart cards are always Attacks and they cannot be used for their original function.  If Guan Yu uses a Fire Attack that is a heart, it is change to a mere Attack.
  • Note that "Fighting Soul" is also enforced. When Guan Yu is damaged, he must give the player that damaged him a Nightmare Token, even if the player is on his team.  
  • When Guan Yu dies, if multiple players are tied for having the most Nightmare Tokens, Guan Yu can choose who will flip the judgement card. If the player fails the judgement (if the card is anything other than a Peach or Peach Garden), they die immediately after Guan Yu dies.  The player cannot be saved under any means. This includes Pang Tong's "Nirvana.  
  • Judgement tinkerers can influence a player's judgement for "Fighting Soul." Sima Yi can save Guan Yu's Victim if he has a Peach or Peach Garden in his hand, or he can ensure that the victim will die by changing the judgement in the rare occasion that the judgement is one of the cards that will save the victim. Zhang Jiao cannot save the victim, as he can only switch judgement cards to black cards and the only cards that can save someone are red. Like Sima Yi, however, he can ensure that the victim will die.
  • If Guan Yu and the king are the only two characters left in play and the king successfully kills Guan Yu, "Fighting Soul" is not activated. The game ends the moment that the king is the last player in play, and the king wins immediately in this event.
  • Most retaliatory abilities do not take effect when a character dies unless they are alive. In Guan Yu's case, "Fighting Soul" is still activated. To illustrate this point, consider the following example. If Sima Yi is brought to the brink of death, he cannot use "Feedback" to take a card until he is revived. If Guan Yu is brought to the brink of death, the character who deals the damage takes a nightmare token immediately, regardless of rather or not the Guan Yu is revived.
  • If Guan Yu hurts himself by causing elemental damage to another character who is chained to him, Guan Yu will obtain a nightmare token.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "War God" can be useful since he can consistently Attack any character regardless of their distance from him.
  • Guan Yu is great defensively since he has five units of health and "Fighting Soul" is one of the best deterrents in the game.
  • "War God" often works to Guan Yu's disadvantage. There are many heart cards that are useful, such as Peach and Draw 2. Guan Yu must use these cards as an Attack.
  • If Guan Yu is the last enemy of the opposing team alive, "Fighting Soul" becomes useless, as the game will end when Guan Yu dies. 

Notable Combinations:
  • Xun Yu/Diao Chan - These characters can use their abilities force a teammate to damage Guan Yu and use them as a scapegoat for "Fighting Soul.
  • Zhang Chun Hua - Zhang Chun Hua's "Unfeeling" ensures that she will never be targeted with "Fighting Soul," mitigating Guan Yu's greatest defense.
  • Cai Wen Ji - Cai Wen Ji's "Heartbroken" will eliminate Guan Yu's "Fighting Soul" if he kills her.
  • Xiao Qiao - Xiao Qiao can be a good ally or a horrible enemy. She can pass damage to Guan Yu, and the original target suffers the effects of "Fighting Soul." This is good for forcing his enemies to gain nightmare tokens, but it is also easy for her to make Guan Yu's allies (or even Guan Yu himself) take nightmare tokens.
 KingGuan Yu is a poor king choice. "Fighting Soul" is useless because the game ends immediately when Guan Yu dies and "War God" makes it more difficult for him to be healed, since most Peaches are hearts.
 LoyalistGuan Yu is a decent loyalist. "War God" allows him to Attack rebels regardless of his distance and "Fighting Soul" ensures that he will stay alive to help the king. However, he does have weaknesses in this position. Most Peaches are hearts, so Guan Yu will have trouble saving this king if he is on the brink of death. Also, "War God" may encourage the rebels to pursue the king even more aggressively than normal since they cannot kill him without gaining nightmare tokens.
 RebelGuan Yu is a great rebel. "War God" is great because it allows his to consistently Attack the king. Even better, "Fighting Soul" puts the king and his loyalists in a difficult position, as they must kill him to win the game, but they cannot do so without damaging him and gaining nightmare tokens. 
 SpyGuan Yu is an outstanding spy. He has five units of health and an outstanding deterrent. However, it is necessary to ensure that the loyalists die before the last rebel dies. Guan Yu will not last long if there are multiple enemies and his deterrent does not work.

Final Remarks:
Guan Yu is a good character, but he is not the most fun to use. More often than not, our group feels 'restricted' by "War God" rather than 'empowered.' Most Peaches and Draw 2 cards are heart cards, so Guan Yu is negatively impacted by this.