God Emperor of Wei
Emperor of Wei 魏武帝

Conversion 归心
At the end of his turn, The Emperor of Wei can either change the country of another character or gain a king ability.  He cannot choose the king power of a anyone in play. If a player with a king power dies, he can take then take it.

Flying Shadow 飞影
The Emperor of Wei has a bonus +1.
  • All effects of "Conversion" are permanent.  Gaining abilities lasts indefinitely, and changing a player's country lasts until the Emperor of Wei changes it again.
  • "Flying Shadow" is the same power as God Cao Cao.
  • The Emperor of Wei can change a single player's country more than once.  
  • "Conversion" only allows the Emperor of Wei to change a single player's country, or gain a single king ability.  Doing this turn after turn, he can alter the whole table, but he can only do one thing per turn.
  • The other characters with king abilities are Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Yuan Shao, Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhuo, Cao Pi, Sun Ce, Liu Shan.
  • When using other character's king abilities, the country restrictions must be observed.  For example, once someone is converted to Shu, they can no longer be called upon for "Escort", from Cao Cao, which needs a Wei member.