diao chan 17
Diao Chan 貂蝉
Entwining Beauty 连环美人

Elegant Dance 曼舞
When any male character targets Diao Chan with an attack, they must use an additional attack or it does nothing.  

Love Triangle 祸水
Once per turn, Diao Chan can discard an attack and target any male.  Diao Chan then also chooses another character within the former's attack range.  The male must attack that character or they lose one health.  If the attack hits, the damage is increased by one.  
  • "Elegant Dance" is similar to Liu Shan's "Pleasure".
  • "Love Triangle" works in a similar way as a Coerce.  The differences are that Diao Chan can select any male, weapon or not, and if they don't go through with the attack, they lose health instead of a weapon.  
  • Diao Chan could tell a male to attack her using "Love Triangle", just like in a Coerce.