God Diao Chan 3
Diao Chan 貂蝉
Peerless Beauty 绝世美姬

Put Flowers to Shame 羞花
For every other female alive, Diao Chan's hand limit increases by one.

Poor Beauty 惜玉
The first male that damages Diao Chan must give her one of his drawn cards each turn.  

Dance 裳舞
Once per game, Diao Chan can make any male move to any position.  If the distance is greater than 2, she must discard all hand cards and lose one blood.  
  • "Poor Beauty" works until either Diao Chan or that male die.  Until then, she will always receive one of his drawn cards.  If this male dies, and another male damages her, he will not have to continually surrender cards to her.  
  • When Diao Chan moves a male across other players, their horses are not considered in the distance calculation.