God Diao Chan
Diao Chan 貂蝉

Wine and Women 酒色
Diao Chan can use a male's attacking range to attack.  When she does this, that boy is considered the source of the damage, and the attack does two.

Wield 曼舞
Outside her turn, Diao Chan can take any card used by a male.  She puts this card in front of her and must use it during her turn.  

Charm 魅惑
When she is attacked, Diao Chan has no gender.

Blessing 神佑
For every unit of damage Diao Chan takes, God Lu Bu receives one Rage Token.  For every unit of damage Diao Chan causes, Lu Bu loses a Rage Token.
  • In "Wine and Women" Diao Chan uses her own attack and attacks through a male character.  
  • In "Weild" Diao Chan puts the card she wants in front of her right after the card takes effect.  When the card is in front of her, it cannot be removed by other players.  
  • From "Charm", Diao Chan can use, but not be targeted by the Gender Swords.
  • "Blessing" only affects one particular type of God Lu Bu.  If this one is not present, this power does nothing.