God Dian Wei
Dian Wei 典韦
Paragon of Warriors 绝世之猛士

Battle 恶斗
When any player escapes an attack from Dian Wei, he can choose to lose one blood.  He then can use any different suited card to duel the target.

Succumb 殒命
When Dian Wei dies, both he and his killer draw a card.  Both players show the card they drew.  If the killer's number is smaller, that player dies.  
  • When Dian Wei duels another player from "Battle" it cannot be stopped.
  • In "Succumb" if it is a tie, Dian Wei does nothing to his killer.  Dian Wei is considered dead before he kills the other player.  This means the game must not be over with his death for his power to activate.  
  • When a player is killed from "Succumb" the cannot be saved.  Neither a Peach, nor a power will help.