God Da Xiao Qiao
Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao 大小乔
Most Beautiful Pair 绝代双娇

Bronze Bird 铜雀
For every member of Wei that is alive, Da Xiao Qiao's hand limit is increased by two.

Two Flowers 双娇
During Da Xiao Qiao's turn, they can discard a heart hand card to acquire Country Scene and Displace.  They can discard a diamond to acquire Fantasy and Beauty.  These powers are present until the beginning of their next turn
  • When a member of Wei dies, the bonus of "Bronze Bird" is depleted.
  • "Country Scene" and "Displace" are the powers of Da Qiao, where "Fantasy" and "Beauty" are the abilities of Xiao Qiao.  
  • It is possible for Da Xiao Qiao to use powers from both sisters during the same round.  They must each be acquired however.