Sky Scorcher
Sky Scorcher 方天画戟

Range: 4

When the player with this equipped is using their last hand card to attack, they can target up to two additional players.

  • After this ability is used, the player should have no cards left in their hand.  
  • Many character abilities such as Ma Chao's "Iron Calvary" occurs when attacking.  If a similar general uses their ability in conjunction with this weapon ability the relationship for each target is done separately.  Ma Chao would do a separate judgment for each target that he selected.
  • If the player with this weapon is targeted with Coerce and uses their last card to attack, they may select two additional targets for their attack.  They must of course target the original intended target as well.
  • If Wine is used prior to attacking with the final card, every player target is being attacked with increased damage at stake.
Notable Combinations:
  • Characters that want to use their last hand card are fond of this weapon.  They get to use their last hand card with additional benefits.  Zhuge Liang, Lu Xun, Zhang Chun Hua
  • The characters that have abilities where the target cannot defend, or it is costly to defend, can use this weapon effectivly.  Attacking so many enemies at once allows them to cause a great deal of damage to the opposing team.  This is either through card destruction or through simply hurt all three of them.  Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, Lu Bu  
  • Generals that have an attack that is quite powerful if it hits can get good usage out of this weapon.  Targeting three enemies, at least one of them might get hit.  Xu Sheng, Xu Chu, Ma Dai
  • Characters that can willfully lose cards get the ability to always use the weapon ability.  They dump all the cards they cannot use and then simply use their final cards as their attack against three of their enemies.  This is especially useful if a friends refills their hand later.  Liu Bei, Lu Su, Yu Ji, Xu Shu
  • Tai Shi Ci has the unique position of being able to target the greatest number of people with this weapon.  Through "Heaven's Justice", he can target an additional player.  If he is using his final card as an attack in conjunction with the Sky Scorcher, the additional targets stack.  This means he can target four victims.  When Wine is added to this, it can become a whirlwind of pain.
  • Huang Zhong has a special use for this weapon as well.  Since the reach is four, he will always be able to use his power.  When all of Huang Zhong's attacks become unblockable, he becomes a force to be feared.  The opposition would to well not to let him get a hold of this weapon.
Final Remarks:
The Sky Scorcher is a dangerous weapon to use.  The benefit is very nice.  Targeting extra enemies can quickly turn the tide of the battle.  The price, however, is steep.  Using your last card leaves you empty and vulnerable   After you use the ability once. Enemies will most certainly take advantage of the lapse in defense.  This is why the best users of the weapon have a way to survive without cards in their hand.  The other difficulty is that it is difficult to orchestrate your hand so that the final card is an Attack.  Most of the time, it is more difficult than it appears to run out your hand.  Therefore the Sky Scorcher is a fun weapon, but the ability is used seldomly.  The range of the weapon however is quite large, making it helpful for more basic purposes such as reaching across the table.

Relation to History:
The Sky Scorcher was the favorite blade of the one and only Lu Bu.  It was one of the treasure that he had, and he could use it perfectly.  It is unknown where he received such a weapon, but it was with him throughout his career.  It was through this combination of Lu Bu and the Sky Scorcher that Dong Zhuo was able to control the capital city through intimidation.  The Sky Scorcher was the weapon that Lu Bu used during his fight at Hu Lao Gate, where he fought against Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Liu Bei all at once.  After Dong Zhuo died, Lu Bu took it with him to Xu Zhou and Xia Pi.  It was through the Sky Scorcher that Lu Bu shot an arrow to make peace between Liu Bei and Yuan Shu.  Unfortunately, Lu Bu was so confident in his skills with it, he grew complacent, and neglected his soldiers.  During Cao Cao's siege  as things were going from bad to worse, soldiers tied up Lu Bu in his sleep, and surrendered.  They threw the Sky Scorcher over the city wall to prove their sincerity.  Since then it remained quiet in Cao Cao's keeping.