Red Hare
Red Hare 赤兔


Among men Lu Bu, among horses Red Hare
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Relation to History:
Lu Bu was certainly a man amongst all men.  Red Hare was also the best of the horses.  It is said that Red Hare could run 1000 li in a single day.  This is about 250 miles.  It could also climb hills and ford steams as if running over flat ground.  The horse was completely red colored, not a hair was different.  The original owner of the horse was the one and only Dong Zhuo.  He used it to bribe Lu Bu to kill his foster father Ding Yuan and join him.  With the two jewels of Lu Bu and Red Hare were brought together, enemies trembled in fear.  The pair faced many challenges together such as at Hu Lao Gate and Xia Pi.  Lu Bu was in possession of Red Hare until his death at the hands of Cao Cao.
Cao Cao later gave the horse to Guan Yu while he was a guest general.  This is the only treasure given to him by Cao Cao that Guan Yu could not return.  He took Red Hare with him when he left to rejoin Liu Bei.  Guan Yu kept the horse with him until his eventual defeat at the has of Lu Meng and Sun Quan.  When Guan Yu was executed, Sun Quan gave the horse  to Ma Zhong. Red Hare however refused both to be ridden and to eat.  It soon died of starvation.