Mystery Armor
Mystery Armor 玄甲

Whenever a player escapes an attack, they get to keep that attack.
  • The player puts the attack card into their hand, much like Cao Cao's "Evil Hero".
  • The player may use character abilities to assist in creating the Escape, such as Zhao Yun's "Dragon Courage" or Zhen Ji's "Overturned Country".  They may even use the Eight Trigrams.  This will be rare as the possibilities of having both are limited, but if Cao Cao had the Mystery Armor, and a Wei loyalist used the Eight Trigrams, it is possible.
  • If Wine is used before the attack, only the attack card is picked up.
  • If the attack did not use a card, like Xiahou Yuan's "Godspeed" or Chen Gong's "Brilliant Scheme", then nothing is picked up if the attack is escaped.