Heart Guard
Heart Guard 护心镜

During another player's turn, the wearer can only take one damage.
  • This is similar to Chen Gong's "Delayed Wisdom" and the Silver Lion Helmet.
  • If a player takes more than one damage at a time, that damage is reduced to one.
  • After the player is damaged, they can no longer be hurt for the remainder of that turn.
  • When a player loses health, they are not protected by this armor.  Even if they were damaged before during the same turn.
  • After the player is damaged, they may still interact with card during the same turn, unlike Chen Gong.
  • When that turn ends and the next player begins, the protection from damage is removed.
  • Unlike the Silver Lion Helmet, there is no reward for removing this armor.
  • During the player's turn, this armor has not protection.  Lightning will still do three damage since it occurs during the player's turn.