Green Dragon Blade
Green Dragon Blade 青龙偃月刀

Range: 3

When a player has this equipped and the target of their attack uses an escape, the attacker may attack the target again.

  • The ability for this weapon can create a cycle. The player can keep playing an Attack over and over. This can go on until the target is hit, or the attacker decides to stop.
  • If Wine is used prior to this weapon, only the first attack has the increased damage.  All subsequent trials will only cause standard damage.
Notable Combinations:
  • Character that can create Attacks always find this weapon useful.  They can use many different cards to run their target out of Escapes.  Once this happens, their friends can polish off the defenseless prey.  Guan Yu, Zhao Yun
  • When anyone has a large hand full of expendable Attacks, it is good to use this weapon to guarantee that something will hit.  Lu Meng, Zhen Ji, Yuan Shu, Huang Gai, God Cao Cao
  • Zhang Jiao can use this weapon well for a different reason.  When he uses an Escape he can activate "Lightning Strike".  After those effects, the person who attacked him can make another attempt.  If Zhang Jiao uses another Escape, he can activate "Lightning Strike" again.  This continues until either the attacker stops or Zhang Jiao gets hit.
  • Zhang Fei has no use for this weapon except for its range.  Since he can attack an unlimited amount of times, he does not gain anything when being allowed to try again after an Escape.
Final Remarks:
The Green Dragon Blade is similar in a way to the Crossbow, but a much less deadly form.  Once someone gets hit once, the attacker can no longer punish them.  If someone is attacking with copious cards, many times the defender will not waste their precious defenses to stop the assault.  Taking the damage without fighting keeps hold of those Escapes.  Lacking the firepower of the Crossbow, the Green Dragon Blade is often used more tactically, draining the opponents of their Escapes, opening up opportunities for allies to seal the deal.

Relation to History:
The Green Dragon Blade was the weapon of Guan Yu.  He got it in the very beginning alongside his brothers and had used it numerous times.  After quelling the Yellow Turban Rebellion, it was this weapon that slew Hua Xiong quickly at Sishui Gate.  Soon after that, Guan Yu brought it to Hu Lao Gate against Lu Bu.  It was used by him under the service of Cao Cao, when he kill Yan Liang and Wen Chou.  After Red Cliff, Guan Yu used it dueling Huang Zhong; and near the end, Pang De.  As Guan Yu became famous for a fierce warrior, the weapon also entered history.  When Guan Yu was captured and executed, he was still in possession of his cherished blade.  It was given to a Wu general, but quickly found its way into the hands of Guan Xing, Guan Yu's son.  He used it throughout all of Zhuge Liang's campaigns against Wei, carrying on his father's legacy.