Flying Knives
Flying Knives 飞刀

Range: 4

When an attack is used, the attacker can do a judgment.  If the number on the judgment is less than the distance to the target, the attack cannot be escaped.  
  • When calculating distance, the shortest direction around the table is used.  Horsess are not taken into account with the distance judgment.  It is based only on table position.  
  • You are A and want to attack D.  The order is ABCDEFG.  The distance from A to D is 3, even if D has a +1 horse.  When the judgment is done, if it is a 2 or an A, the attack is unavoidable.  If it is not, it is just a normal attack.
  • In a way this is like Ma Chao's "Iron Cavalry".  It can make an attack unstoppable, but loses nothing if it fails.
  • The farther your target is, the better your chances are of hitting.