Fire Fan
Fire Fan 朱雀羽扇

Range: 4

When a non-elemental attack is used, it can change to a fire attack.
  • If the Attack that is used is already an elemental attack, such as a Lightning Attack, the ability does not apply.
  • This ability is optional, so the attacker is not obliged to turn their Attack into a Fire Attack.  
  • Although the Fire Fan can turn an Attack into a Fire Attack, it cannot change the color of the card.  Armor like the Black Shield still works against black colored Attacks, even though they are turned into Fire Attacks.  
Notable Combinations:
  • Characters that can force an attack to hit enjoy some extra benefits of this weapon.  When trying to take down someone with the Wood Armor, this weapon is what you need.  The problem is that the target usually holds on to an Escape for that stray Fire Attack that turns up.  These characters won't be stopped, and get to cause that extra damage with fire.  Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, Lu Bu 
  • Huang Zhong can use this weapon well under any circumstance.  It has a large reach giving Huang Zhong unrestrained use of his abilities.  If his target has the Wood Armor, Huang Zhong has all the more reason to cause pain.  Under any circumstances with this weapon, Huang Zhong becomes a force to be reckoned with.
Final Remarks:
The Fire Fan is a nightmare to anyone that happens to be wearing the Wood Armor.  It makes the perfect item to get through that tough defense that the armor provides.  Unfortunately, that is where the specialization ends.  For most of the game, the Fire Fan simply provides it's wearer with a large attacking range.  It is possible that some stratagem using Chains could be pulled off, but no one is going to equip Wood Armor with this weapon floating around.  For this reason, you have the advantage when you pull it out and start going after somebody.  There is no disadvantage to having it though, so you might as well cause fire damage rather than standard damage.  

Relation to History:
The Fire Fan most likely belonged to Zhuge Liang.  He is famous for always being seen hold a fan with crane feathers in one hand.  The fire probably comes from the strategies that Zhuge Liang implemented   He many times used a fire strategy to burn out a foe.  This happened to Xiahou Dun, Cao Ren, Cao Cao, and even Sima Yi.  Since he was often using a smaller force than the enemy, he had to use fire to gain strength.  Zhuge Liang used stratagies such as this throughout his military career in a variety of situations.  His plans always seemed to work and his victim often was burned with heavy loses.