Black Shield
Black Shield 仁王盾

Black attacks cannot hit the wearer.
  • Attacks that are black cannot be escaped as they are stopped automatically.
  • A colorless attack penetrates the Black Shield.  
  • Effects that happen prior to the attack making contact still take effect.  The Gender Swords still uses its ability against the Black Shield.  After these effects take place, the attack is complete.  The defender need not and cannot play an Escape.
  • If the player with the Black Shield is in Chains, they can be hit indirectly by a black Attack.  They cannot be the first person in the Chains to take the damage however.  
Notable Combinations:
  • Sun Ce benefits a lot from this armor.  Forcing his enemies to use red attacks against him activates "Passion" more frequently.  The extra card adds up and makes him stronger.
  • Characters that can easily create red Attacks are not worried when their opponent has this armor.  They change tactics, hitting their target with their red cards.  Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Guan Xing & Zhang Bao, Xiao Qiao
  • The generals that can cause colorless attacks have the same benefit   The Black Shield does not stop these.  Although they are more rare, these attacks can turn the tide.  Xiahou Yuan, Chen Gong
  • The characters that have unblockable attacks find themselves stopped by this armor.  Since it stops all the attack from hitting, the victim isn't stopped from using an Escape.  This in one way to protect someone from the punishing effects of these heavy hitters.  Ma Chao, Huang Zhong
  • When Yu Ji attacks the person with the Black Shield, the color of the card he used is taken for the color of the Attack.  All the players must of course believe him, but this gives Yu Ji more options to hit a shielded foe once people become intimidated and start to believe anything.  
  • Yu Jin has a stronger version of this armor as his power.  Therefore it is a loss for him to equip the Black Shield.
Final Remarks:
The Back Shield is a very useful armor to have.  Since most Attacks are black, most Attacks are stopped.  The drawback to this though is that it offers not defense at all again red Attacks.  This is not too costly, unless there is someone on the other team who can capitalize on this weakness.  The other thing to watch out for is the other team getting a hold of or just throwing away the armor.  Having it calls attention, and that's not always a good thing.  Keep it in your possession and it will help keep you alive.  

Relation to History:
There does not seem to be any mention of this shield in the story.  However the barbarian tribes of the south used this material in their armor so it seems likely that they also created shields the same way.  These Nanman solders were protected against the conventional ways of waging war.  The shields stopped swords and arrows very well.  To counter this threat, Zhuge Liang was forced to use other methods during his trip to pacify the south.