Black Pommel
Black Pommel 青釭剑

Range: 2

With this equipped, a player ignores the armor of the target.

  • The ability of Black Pommel is not an option.  Whenever it attacks anyone with armor.  The armor does nothing.
  • If a Fire Attack is used with the Black Pommel against the Wood Armor, it will only do one damage.
Notable Combinations:
  • Younger Zhuge Liang should fear this weapon falling into the wrong hands.  His "Eight Arrays" is considered armor and so the Black Pommel will cut through and render this useless.
  • Yu Jin is protected from the effects of this weapon with "Heavy Resolve".  Although the ability is similar to Zhuge Liang's, "Heavy Resolve" is not considered an armor.  So, as long as Yu Jin doesn't put on armor, he will still be protected.
Final Remarks:
The Black Pommel is a very useful weapon when your opponent can any type of armor and you just can't get rid of it.  While they cower behind their shield, you keep on slashing them, and wear them down over time.  The reach is good enough to reach other players, but you might need to cut a path to your final destination.  If your target doesn't have any armor you won't need this weapon.  In that case, many other weapons would be better.  Still, it can be disheartening when you finally find a piece of armor, but your enemy has the Black Pommel.  So this weapon might not always be the best, but sometimes, it's just what you want.

Relation to History:
The Black Pommel was one of the treasured swords of the era.  It originally belonged to Cao Cao and was bestowed to his relative Xiahou En.  It's blade could slice through iron as if it were mud, and its point was dagger sharp.  When Zhao Yun was under fire at Changban, he came across Xiahou En and his party.  Without wasting words Zhao Yun rode up and slew the leader.  The others scattered as Zhao Yun inspected the weapon.  He saw the words 'Black Pommel' engraved in gold and realized the value of the sword.  He put it in his belt and resumed his assault on the forces of Cao Cao despite being all alone at this point.