Ancient Scimitar
Ancient Scimitar 古锭刀

Range: 2

When the target of an attack receives damage and does not have any hand cards, the damage is increased by one.
  • This ability is not an option, but a requirement.  If for some reason an ally is attacked without cards, they will receive the boosted damage.  
  • Any other bonuses to damage, such as Wine, are added on as well the the weapon's ability.
Notable Combinations:
  • Characters that can rob a player of their hand have a certain affiliating with this weapon.  They can strip someone of all their cards, then use this weapon to punish them with increased damage.  Sun Jian, Lu Su, Gan Ning, Zhang Liao
  • Zhuge Liang spends much time without a hand, fortunately for him though he cannot be targeted in this state.  It is possible to hit him with this weapon, but the circumstances are very difficult to create.
  • Lu Xun is immune to this weapon.  He draws another cards immediately after losing his last one, so there is no point in time where his is without a hand.
  • Generals that lose cards willfully should be very fearful of this sword.  if they are caught without cards, the game can end very quickly for them.  if will be very difficult to climb out of the hole they get stuck in.  Even if they manage to scrape together a couple cards, these can be taken away by the other team and they are left with nothing again.  Liu Bei, Xu Shu, Lu Su, Yuan Shu
Final Remarks:
Affectionately known as 'The Punisher', the Ancient Scimitar is a weapon best held onto until the right moment.  Keep it in the hand until the moment comes to strike.  If people see it equipped already, they will be very, very careful to hold onto some cards.  Without revealing the blade, wait until someone is open and then cut them apart.  With luck they will have a hard time pulling out of that tailspin.  Without the element of surprise  it is usually difficult to catch someone without cards.  Under most circumstances, this weapon is best used later in the game when people are getting weaker.  This often puts a big nail in their coffin.

Relation to History:
The Ancient Scimitar was supposedly owned by Sun Jian.  It is not referenced in any if his battles, but Sun Jian was a very aggressive guy and probably would have enjoyed a keen blade such as this.  Sun Jian led off his battling career by slaying some pirates with his father as a mere child.  The streak continued to adulthood earning him the name 'Tiger of Jiangdong'.  He fought in the coalition against Dong Zhuo and was the forerunner for all eighteen of the lords.  He was killed soon afterward in a campaign against Liu Biao.