Zhang Bao 7
Zhang Bao 张宝
Title %$&

Binding Spell $%
Once during his turn, Zhang Bao can place one of his hand cards on another player's character card. This card is known as a Curse. If a player with a Curse on their character card is about to flip a judgement card, the Curse is discarded and becomes the judgement card. If a character has a Curse on their character card at the end of their turn, Zhang Bao immediately places the Curse back into his hand.

Shadow Warrior $%
Whenever a Curse becomes a judgement card, Zhang Bao immediately draws two cards.
  • If a character with a Curse on their character card must flip a judgement card, they do not flip over the top card of the deck. The Curse immediately becomes the judgement card. If there are other characters with judgement tinkering abilities (Sima Yi, Zhang Jiao, etc.), the Curse card goes into effect first, then (going to the right), you look for the next judgement tinkerer who then has the option to change the judgement card, then continue to the right around the table looking for other judgement tinkerers. In effect, the Curse is always the first tinker to the judgement flip and can always be overridden by any other judgement tinkerer.
  • If Zhang Bao targets a flipped character with "Binding Spell" or if a character with a Curse on their character card is flipped before they take their turn, Zhang Bao cannot place the Curse back in his hand until the end of the character's next turn. In effect, the Curse stays on the character until they end their next turn or flip a judgement card.
  • Zhang Bao cannot target a character with "Binding Spell" if they already have a Curse on their character card.
  • If Zhang Bao uses "Binding Spell" to place a Curse on a another character and then dies before the end of their next turn or before their next judgement flip, the Curse stays on that character's character card until they flip a judgement card.
  • Note that "Shadow Warrior" takes effect even if another judgement tinkerer changes the judgement card after the Curse goes into effect. As long as the Curse initially takes effect, Zhang Bao can immediately draw two cards.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Unlike other judgement tinkerers who lose cards (or only exchange cards) when they use their judgement tinkering ability, Zhang Bao actually draws cards and gains a card advantage when he uses "Binding Spell" via "Shadow Warrior."
  • "Binding Spell" allows Zhang Bao to 'store' an extra card by placing a Curse on a character to Zhang Bao's immediate right. If they do not flip a judgement card, the Curse immediately goes back into Zhang Bao's hand at the end of their turn. This effectively increases Zhang Bao's hand card limit by one. 
  • "Binding Spell" is useful in helping allies with abilities involving judgement flips and with delay tool cards. It is also useful in ruining enemies judgement flips for their abilities and delay tool cards.
  • "Binding Spell" is good for disabling or ensuring the success of Eight Trigrams for enemies and allies. 
  • Zhang Bao has very few defensive options. With only three units of health, he may die quickly.
  • If the characters in play do not have abilities that depend on judgement flips, Zhang Bao will not be very useful for his team.
  • Unlike Zhang Jiao and Sima Yi, Zhang Bao cannot affect his own judgement flips via "Binding Spell." Additionally, he can only affect one judgement flip per round. He simply does not have the ability to react to change as these characters do since he has to decide on whom he will place a Curse on someone during his turn.

Notable Combinations:
  • Zhen Ji/Deng Ai/Wang Yi/Ma Chao/Ma Dai/New Ma Dai/Zhang Jiao/New Zhang Jiao - These characters have abilities that rely upon judgement flips. Zhang Bao can use "Binding Spell" to ensure the success of their abilities then draw two cards via "Shadow Warrior."
  • Xu Huang/Da Qiao - These characters have abilities that allow them to more easily use Capture and Starvation. Zhang Bao can ensure the success of these tool cards via "Binding Spell" then draw two cards via "Shadow Warrior."
  • Sima Yi/Zhang Jiao - These characters are judgement tinkerers and can override "Binding Spell." However, it is fair to note that they cannot prevent "Shadow Warrior."
 KingZhang Bao is a mediocre king choice. His lack of defensive options is crippling for him. However, he may be successful with the right loyalist.
 LoyalistZhang Bao is a competent loyalist. His abilities will help the king and other loyalists with judgement flips. He is particularly strong with Zhang Jiao and New Zhang Jiao. 
 RebelZhang Bao is a competent rebel. With many rebel allies, it is possible that Zhang Bao will have an ally with an ability that requires a judgement flip.
 SpyZhang Bao seems to be a competent spy. He must make it clear that he is a spy early on in the game to stay alive. However, he can switch sides easily by controlling judgement cards.

Final Remarks:
Zhang Bao is an interesting take on a judgement tinkering character. As mentioned earlier, he must be paired with an ally that flips judgement cards on a consistent basis in order to be truly effective. If you are using him with non-judgement flipping characters, consider using spades and diamonds as Curses on enemies, as these cards will always force Captures and Starvations to fail.