Ma Teng %&
Riding to the Western Frontier%$&

Horsemanship $%
Ma Teng always has a -1 distance bonus. (Enforced)

Extraordinary Might  $%
Single Use Ability: During Ma Teng's action phase, he can select up to X - 1 characters, X being half of the number of characters in play rounded down, with a minimum value of 2. Each of these characters immediately draw three cards. If Ma Teng is the only character to draw cards in this manner, he recovers one unit of health.

  • Ma Teng's "Horsemanship" gives him a bonus that stacks with another -1 horse when he has one equipped (i.e. if he has a -1 horse equipped, Ma Teng has a physical range bonus of 2 and could reach someone three spaces to his right or left).
  • For those of you who do not like math, the following table gives the number of characters that Ma Teng can allow to draw three cards via "Extraordinary Might":
Number of Characters in PlayX - 1
10 4

    Strengths Weaknesses 
    • "Horsemanship" is always a nice ability to have as it extends the physical range, and hence the attacking range, by one.
    • "Extraordinary Might" is more useful than one would initially think. If there are many characters in play and if Ma Teng has many teammates, he can give his team a sudden and significant card advantage. After this ability is used, his team may be able to kill one of its opponents. 
    • Even if Ma Teng or his allies cannot use all of the cards that they gain via "Extraordinary Might" during their turn, this ability usually ensures that they end their turn with the best set of hand cards possible. This can keep them strong for a couple of turns while the enemies become worn down.
    • With fewer characters, "Extraordinary Might" becomes less useful. In an eight-person game, this ability's usefulness greatly depreciates after the first character dies, as Ma Teng can only allow two characters to draw three cards instead of three characters.
    • When Ma Teng uses "Extraordinary Might" to allow other characters to draw three cards, these cards may be wasted if the other characters are targeted by Capture.
    • Sometimes, the cards drawn via "Extraordinary Might" are not very good and it does not cause a significant advantage. In cases like this, Ma Teng and his team find themselves at a significant disadvantage, as this ability can only be used once and "Horsemanship" is not much to rely upon for the rest of the game.

    Notable Combinations:
    • Huang Yue Ying/Zhang Fei//Guan Xing & Zhang Bao/Younger Zhuge Liang/Yan Liang & Wen Chou/Gao Shun - These characters are 'barrage' characters and can cause a large amount of damage in a short amount of time with their abilities. "Extraordinary Might" can greatly benefit these characters and they may have a good chance of killing an enemy.
    • Da Qiao - Da Qiao's "Country Scene" allows her to easily use Capture on her enemies. If she uses this ability on an ally of Ma Teng after he activates "Extraordinary Might," they will lose the card advantage of this ability as their action phase will be skipped and they will simply have to discard the extra cards.
    • Lu Su - Lu Su's "Alliance" allows him to force one of Ma Teng's allies to swap hands with an enemy with fewer hand cards, ruining the advantage of "Extraordinary Might."
     King Ma Teng is an erratic king choice. He can sometimes be amazing, while other times he falls flat depending on his loyalists and his luck with "Extraordinary Might."
     LoyalistMa Teng is a good loyalist. In a standard eight-person game, "Extraordinary Might" works perfectly for the king's team, as there are two loyalists and one king, and this ability allows three people to draw three cards. 
     RebelMa Teng is a good rebel pick. "Extraordinary Might" is useful in bolstering the rebel team's card power and they may be able to quickly kill a loyalist or even the king.
     SpyMa Teng is an extremely poor spy choice. He really needs a team to maximize the usefulness of "Extraordinary Might."

    Final Remarks:
    It seems the makers of QSanGuoSha did a pretty good job of 'translating' Ma Teng from Kingdom Wars to regular San Guo Sha. Ma Teng seems to have the best results when using "Extraordinary Talent" as soon as he determines who his allies are as early in the game as possible. If he waits, there is a chance that a character may die and X will be reduced. Also, it is important to be sure of who your allies are when using this ability. Allowing the wrong character to draw three cards can be disastrous.