Cao Ang
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Generosity $%
When a character in Cao Ang's physical range is targeted by an Attack, Cao Ang can immediately draw one card. If Cao Ang uses this ability on another character, he must give one of his cards to the target face up. If the card given was a piece of equipment, the target can choose to immediately equip it.

  • Cao Ang can activate "Generosity" on himself if he is targeted by an Attack
  • Cao Ang can give any of his cards to another character when targeting them with "Generosity," whether equipped or in his hand.
  • When Cao Ang gives another character an armor card via "Generosity" and they choose to immediately equip it, it's effect takes place immediately. For example, if they were targeted with a black-suited Attack and received the Black Shield, the Attack would have no effect. 
  • When Cao Ang gives another character a +1 Horse via "Generosity" and they choose to equip it, the Attack still goes into effect even if they are no longer in the attacking range of the attacking character.
  • Cao Ang cannot equip equipment when he targets himself with "Generosity."
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Generosity" gives Cao Ang and any character in his physical range a nice defense against Attacks, which happen to be the single most common method of damaging an opponent.
  • "Generosity" can be used on an enemy character if Cao Ang has an useless card to give them. This way, Cao Ang gives the enemy a useless card and draws one card.
  • "Generosity" is only usable on characters in Cao Ang's physical range. As such, savvy enemies will only attack characters that Cao Ang cannot help with this ability.
  • Cao Ang has no offensive abilities, making him a weak team player.

Notable Combinations:
  • Zhang Jiao/New Zhang Jiao/Empress Fu - These characters have abilities that activate when they are targeted with an Attack. As such, Cao Ang can attack them to activate these abilities then activate "Generosity" to further aid them if they are in his physical range.
  • Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong - Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong can use "Direct Instruction" to equip Cao Ang with a -1 Horse to increase the range of "Generosity."
  • Zhang He/Wu Guo Tai -These characters can use their abilities to give Cao Ang a -1 Horse. On the other hand, they can use their abilities to remove a -1 Horse from Cao Ang's equipment area.
  • Dian Wei/Zhang Jiao/Guan Yin Ping/etc. - These characters can cause direct damage and therefore prevent Cao Ang from using "Generosity."
KingCao Ang is a mediocre king choice unless his loyalists happen to sit right next to him so he can protect them with "Generosity."
LoyalistIf Cao Ang is next to the king, he is an excellent loyalist. Otherwise, he is unpredictable in this role.
RebelIf Cao Ang is next to his fellow rebels, he can protect them with "Generosity," making him a good rebel. However, any rebels not in his physical range will be pursued more heavily.
SpyCao Ang, interestingly enough, seems to be best suited as a spy. He can easily switch sides to help either team so long as they have a member in his physical range.

Final Remarks:
Cao Ang's usefulness is a strong function of the seating arrangement and his ability to acquire a -1 Horse, two factors that are dependent upon chance. Be mindful of these when deciding whether or not you will choose him. Also, making finding and keeping a -1 Horse your top priority.