Supply Train
Supply Train 木牛流马

This can be played onto any player.  At the beginning of their turn, that player must do a judgment.  If it is not a two to nine of hearts, they must place a hand card on this card after their drawing phase.  This card then moves to the next player.  If the judgment is a two to nine of hearts, then the player gets all the cards on top of this card.  
  • This card can be placed on anyone.  A player can even put it on themself.
  • Supply Train keeps traveling around the table until someone gets the judgment or it is targeted by Break or Steal.  
  • If this card is targeted by a Break or Steal, all the cards that were on top of it are discarded.  
  • Negate cannot be used when this card is played, only before the judgment is made.  When a Negate is used, the card moves to the player to the right.
  • If the player does not have a drawing phase, they do not put a hand card onto this card.  It simply moves onto the next person.