Royal Decree
Royal Decree 圣旨

This card can be put in from of any other player.  That player must do a judgment at the beginning of their turn.  If the judgment is a basic, equipment, or tool, the target then cannot use or discard that type of card during their turn.
  • The target cannot use the same type of card that came up in the judgment.
  • If the target has more of the prohibited type of card then they can hold at the end of their turn, they must discard all other cards, display their hand for all to see, and end their discard phase.  It is possible that they end with more cards than their standard limit in this case.  All cards will be of one type however.  
  • Negate cannot be used when Royal Decree is placed on a player.  The Negate must be used before the judgment is made.
  • Royal Decree can be targeted by Break or Steal to prevent a player from suffering from its adverse effects.