Power Attack
Power Attack 技杀

Once per turn, a player can use this to attack anyone in their attacking range. If the target does not use an escape, they receive one unit of damage.  The target of this attack does not benefit from any protective abilities.
  • A player can attack only once per turn.  This includes any type of attack.
  • This works the same way as any type of attack
  • This attack goes through defensive abilities, but does not affect abilities that take place from the damage that it causes.  An example is Da Qiao and Xiahou Dun.  Da Qiao's "Displace" would not function since it is from being targeted by an attack.  If Xiahou Dun was hit with this attack, he would still get to use "Unyielding" because that is based on damage.
  • People that have powers that would not work include, but are not limited to Yu Jin, Yang Xiu after he disables basic cards, Zhuge Liang, Younger Zhuge Liang, Liu Shan, Da Qiao, Sun Ce, Chen Gong, SP Pang Tong.
  • Characters like Zhen Ji and Zhao Yun can still use their powers to generate an Escape for this attack.  This is because the power is used to create the card rather than affect the attack.
  • Powers that take effect from damage work as usual.