When this card is played or discarded during a player's turn, they lose one health.  
  • If this card is played during an action phase it simply goes into the discard pile and that player loses one health.
  • If this card is discarded at the end of someone's turn, they lose the health after they discard the proper number of cards.  For example, if you have four health and six cards, one of them a Poop, you discard the Poop and another card.  Then your health goes down.  You end with three health and four cards.  
  • If this card can be discarded outside of your turn, it will not cause damage.  For example, Zhen Ji using it as an Escape or anyone discarding it through the Gender Swords.  Since this is outside of the turn, you will not lose health.
  • If the Poop can be transformed into another card during a turn, this is another way to lose it without negative effects.  An example is if Guan Yu can use it for an Attack.  He will not lose any health since the card he used was turned into an Attack rather than remaining as a Poop.
Alternate Appearances:
Poop 2