Negate 无懈可击

Any player can play this in response to any tool card being played.  The tool card then no longer works. 
  • When a Negate is used against a tool card that has more than one target, the Negate prevents the effects of the tool card for just one person only.
  • Negate can be used both during and outside a player's turn.  They can counter any tool card played, no matter who played them or who the target is.  A player can use a Negate on their own tool cards.
  • Negate can be used against another Negate.  A third Negate can be used to counter the second Negate, restoring the first Negate.  This can continue indefinitely. 
  • To be used against delay tool cards, the Negate is used at the time of judgment, not when the pending card is placed.