Military Order
Military Order 军令状

This can be used at the beginning of a player's turn.  That player must then kill another player before the end of their turn.  If they are successful, they are restored to full health and draw X cards.  If they fail, they are brought to the brink of death and lose all their hand cards.  
  • The effects of this card take place at the end of the turn, after the discard phase.  
  • If the player fails, they are brought to the brink of death.  They may save themselves with their cards.  After they are saved, they then discard all the cards in their hand.  
  • If the player succeeds, they are healed and draw after their discard phase.
  • There is no benefit for killing more than one player.
  • When they are saved from the brink of death, they come back with only one health, no matter what they had before.