Map of Shu
Map of Shu 蜀道图

After this is played, that player has unlimited reach for their rest of their turn.
  • This can be played at any point during someone's action phase.  It doesn't have to be the first thing that they throw down.  They do not get the benefits of the card until they use it though.
  • This card stays in front of the play that used it for the remainder of their turn.  This is to signify that they have the extended reach.  It is then discarded at the end of their turn.
  • This card cannot be stopped with a Negate since it is a basic card.  It also cannot be removed through a power during the rest of that turn.  It's presence after being played is purely symbolic.
  • The unlimited reach applied to everything.  Both attacks and tool cards can be used with the reach.
  • The card bypasses horses.  Opponents that have +1 will not get that protection after you use this card.