Lightning 闪电

A player plays this delay tool on themselves.  In their next turn, they perform a judgment for this card.  If it is a two to nine of spades, the player receives three units of lightning damage.  If it is not a two to nine of spades, then it moves to the player to the right.  
  • The player that uses Lightning is the first to pass under the judgment.  
  • Lightning keeps traveling around the table until it hits someone unless it is targeted by Break or Steal.  
  • A Negate cannot be used when this card is played, only before the judgment is made.  When a Negate is used, the card moves to the player to the right.
  • A player cannot play a Lightning if they already have one on them.  They can only have one of each pending card on them at any time.  
  • If the Lightning moves to a player that already has one on them, it instead skips them and goes to the next player that does not have a Lightning on them.