Inherit the State
Inherit the State 传国玉玺

When the king dies, this card can be used.  The player that used it becomes the new king and the game continues.  
  • This card is used when the king is on the brink of death.  Instead of playing a Peach, a player can use this.  If this happens, that player then becomes king.  The old king then dies.  No one else is asked to help save the old king.  Even if someone has a Peach, if this is played first, there is no possibility to save the old king.
  • There is no reward for killing a king, it is just like killing a spy or loyalist.
  • Only the player that uses this card changes roles.  Everyone else remains the same.  The old rebels are still rebels as with everyone else.  
  • The old king remains a king for a scoring situation.  If the new king wins the game, it still counts as a win for the old king.