Fishing in the Mud
Fishing in the Mud 浑水摸鱼

This card can only be put on the next player.  During this player's drawing phase, they do not draw any cards.  They must guess the color of the top card of the deck.  This card is then flipped.  If they are correct, they put this card into their hand and do this again.  If they are incorrect, their drawing phase ends.  At the end of their turn, this card moves to the next player.  
  • This card works in a similar way as Zhen Ji's "River Goddess".  
  • When the card is flipped, it is not considered a judgment.  This means that it is immune to all tinkering.  
  • If a player was the target of Starvation, they do not have a drawing phase so this card does nothing to them.  
  • Some character abilities that take place during the drawing phase no longer can take place.  Xu Chu's "Bare the Chest" will no longer work.  Other abilities like Zhou Yu's "Brave Gesture", will still be able to function.  
  • This card can go on only the next person in the turn order.  The reach for this is unlimited, but the person that this targets cannot be altered. 
  • This card can be targeted with a Break or Steal, just like any other delay tool card.  
  • Negate can be used to stop this card, but it is used at the beginning of the turn and not when the card is played.  After the Negate is used, the card moves on to the next player at the end of the turn, just like Lightning.