Befriend a Distant state, but attack a neighbor
Befriend a Distant State, but Attack a Neighbor 远交近攻

A player uses this and then they cannot be targeted with an attack by any player that is not adjacent to them.  This lasts until their next turn.
  • Horses and weapons do not come into account for this.  It is only the seating arrangement that matters here.  After playing this, only the people they are sitting next to can attack them.
  • This card does not protect someone from damage from tools or abilities.  
  • If the player's neighbor dies, that neighbor is replaced with the next person down the table.  This person now has the ability to attack the player.  
  • When used, this card should stay in front of a player to symbolize that it is protecting them.  At the beginning of their next turn  it is then discarded.